Endless reflection and questioning… The smoke from a genie’s lamp… the questions to yourself and out to the world from us peering behind a holographic mirror. 

What is, what has, what was, what are… we? what am I… but an eye… what is this life? What is this experience? How? Where? Who is who? What is they? When is was has been now is that? The mark of questions spin into an endless spiral on itself. There are no answers, only more questions… 

This piece spins at the rate of a theta brainwave state accompanied by binaural music tuned to 432Hz woven with 528Hz theta and alpha waves. This is healing art… this art for meditation… this is art for balancing our brain, mind, body, and energy field so we can touch the infinite remembrance of the omnipotent joy that is life and that is us.  

Say hello to source for a moment so you may return to this 3D reality with greater kindness for yourself and the other fragments of ourself we consider “others”